Starting or Revisioning Women’s Ministry in Your Church

Start with prayer! It would be a great idea to have a team of ladies praying for you during this process of discovering what God wants for the women of your church.

Meet with the Lead/Senior Pastor to get his input and approval of you starting a Women’s Ministry in your church. It is always important to make sure you are on the same page with the church leadership and the overall vision for the church. Women’s Ministry is one part of a bigger picture – we all need to work together.

Gather a group of women who also have a heart to see something happen in the church for your women. As a group, discuss the chart below and answer the questions. Record all thoughts on chart paper. Note: if you are wanting younger women to be a part of your ministry, it is important that they are a part of the planning process from the beginning. Are there some key younger women of influence in your congregation that you feel would be an asset to your planning process? Invite her to join your team. She will bring vital insights into the way younger women think.

A Look at Your Women’s Ministry

Also consider:
• who is in your church:
• The average age of women attending your church?
• The stages of life (young mom’s or middle life with older children)?
• What is the present felt need of the women (need socialization, discipleship, etc)?
• What are the needs of your neighbourhood surrounding your church?

Take some time to answer the following questions.

1. What has God shown you as you looked at Women’s Ministry in your church?
a. about the past
b. about the present
c. about possibilities for the future?

2. What is your greatest need or area that you would like to grow in at this present time?

3. What do you feel are 3 needs of the non-Christian women in your life?

4. As you consider the women in your church, what concerns do you have for them and which group of women do you think needs immediate attention?

5. Identify a present need or issue your community is facing. How could your Women’s Ministry address this issue?

Share your answers to the above questions with the group and record them on the chart paper.

As a group, prioritize the needs.

Using the list of prioritized needs; write down what you feel the purpose or focus of your Women’s Ministry should be at this time.

Once you have decided what you are going to do, define who will fill what roles on your team so that everyone knows exactly what they are responsible for.

Finally, meet with your pastor so he can support and back you as you launch this new ministry.

Advertise! Talk with the women in your circle of influence, personally invite women to your ministry event and look for younger women who you can encourage to attend with her friends!