2011/2012 – It Starts With a Girl

This Project Has Ended

2011/2012 National Women’s Ministry project: Niger Vocational Training Centre

The Alliance’s International team in Niger, Africa is investing in girls, in their families and in their futures. We are investing in what is known as “the Girl Effect”

The girl effect is the unique potential of millions of teenage girls around the world to end poverty for themselves, and the world. Girls living in poverty are uniquely capable of creating a better future.
But when a girl reaches adolescence, she reaches a crossroads in her life. Some think of crossroads as places of opportunity. But if you’re female in the emerging world, puberty is the crux of a lifetime.

Investing in girls makes moral and economic sense. Giving them solid skills to earn a living helps them, their families and their children for the next generation. When women and girls earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families, as compared to only 30 to 40 percent for a man. And when you invest in this girl in a wholistic sense, also focusing on health and hygiene, nutrition, sexual health , expressing themselves through their own ideas and thoughts, discussing religion, prayer and a sense of purpose, you help build a young woman who can stand the storm around her and make smart, educated decisions for her own life.

So here in Niger we are harnessing the girl effect. We have opened a skills training centre where we focus on life skills as well as vocational skills. Our three year pilot program is focusing on girls at risk. We have 60 girls registered! These girls, between the ages of
12 and 19, will be taught classes in sewing, embroidery, literacy, French language, math, basic business concepts and bookkeeping, health, nutrition and hygiene. We are also going to specifically have times when we look at their vision of a good and Godly woman, the type of women they want to become, and what we can do to achieve these goals and grow as a person and in self-esteem. We desire to see the state of their hearts change over the next three years as we pour love into them that comes from our Father in Heaven above.

Outside of the school walls, our team also spends a lot of time visiting with the girls and their families. So often this is where we have the opportunity to share freely about the heart issues of life and to pray for them and their family.

We are also partnering with people back home to pray for each girl and lift her up over the entire course of this program. We are always accepting new prayer partners to pray for each individual girl and her family. If you haven’t already, would you like to join our prayer partner team? Email us at Admin@nvoc.ca for more information on how to become a prayer partner or how to financially support the program.

Together- we can see these girls reach a brighter future!

Chantelle McIver
Director, Niger Vocational Training Centre